Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blue Bedrooms

Cindy has some favorite, neutrals, browns...but when it comes to bedrooms, blue is generally a favorite. And why not, blue is a naturally calming color, which is exactly what you want in a bedroom, and best of all, it is so pretty without being too feminine or fussy (because the bedroom generally has a guy sleeping in it too). Here are some of our favorite blue bedrooms that Cindy has designed...

This bedroom for a teenage daughter is way more sophisticated than anything you could find in the pages of PB Teen.

As any mother of a tween will tell you, girls like to talk. And this window seat offers the perfect place for long chats.

This bedroom is in the same home as the one above and you can see that Cindy kept the continuity of calming blues here. But for the master suite, she kicks up the glam factor with a mirrored headboard and side tables. These shiny accents, paired with the modern light fixture, make what might otherwise be a traditional bedroom feel very current.

The sitting area of the master suite is perfectly chic, serene and elegant. A quintessential Cindy Rinfret space.

It's all in the details! Custom headboards and valences with gold bamboo detailing bring this room to the next level.

Blue may be a calming color but that doesn't mean it can't be bold or peppy. For her nautical-inspired design of the Tower Suite at the Ocean House, Cindy kept a blue and cream color scheme throughout the space. The bedroom is the most dramatically blue room, with deep blue walls, floral cream and blue canopy, and blue and cream accessories.

Still dreaming of more blue bedrooms...check out this sublime blue bedroom in the new issue of New England Home's Connecticut. Cindy's client loved it so much that she re-installed the canopy bed when she moved into her new home.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Outdoor Entertaining

It’s time to throw a party outside!
June is the perfect month for an outdoor party – everyone is still giddy about sunshine and summer, and the oppressive heat of July and August have not yet set in. Cindy adores both the outdoors and parties so she is the ultimate hostess when it comes to outdoor entertaining – here are some of her best tips for throwing a fete en plein air.
  1. Set the table in style
Just because your outdoors doesn’t mean that you need to use a plastic gingham tablecloth and plastic sporks. Bring some glamour to outdoor dining and set a beautiful table, complete with flowers and candles – and real silverware!

  1. Be more creative than hotdogs and franks
Sure, everyone loves a good old fashioned BBQ but just as delicious and more unexpected is a grilled pizza. Cindy is lucky enough to have a state of the art pizza oven but even if you don’t, you can still grill a delicious pizza on your grill.
For our fellow tri-state hostesses, if you have not already, you must check out Mario Batali’s latest gourmet experience, Tarry Market in Port Chester. Here you can find the most delicious cheeses, proscuitto, olive oils, breads and more.
If you’re not in the mood for pizza (which is almost incomprehensible, but anyway) you could go the more refined route and do tea sandwiches for a proper English Garden Party ambience. Cucumber and creamcheese is so easy and yummy to make (just cut off the crusts and cut the bread diagonally and voila) but if even that sounds too daunting you can always just call up the kind folks at the Drawing Room in Cos Cob, who can whip up some pre-made tea sandwiches for you
  1. PIMMS!
No garden party is complete without Pimms No. 1 Cup, which is a British Liquer that makes for the best fruity garden cocktail. A staple at an English Garden Party or Polo Match, Pimms is the perfect summer drink as it’s light, cool, fruity and delicious. Plus, it's not too heavy on the alcohol so you can drink away all day and still be standing by sunset.
Now that we’ve given you the tools for a perfect garden party, step away from the computer and go outside and make this happen!